Blake King, EHS Coordinator explains the zero-landfill manufacturing

We sat down with Blake King, EHS Coordinator, who works at our manufacturing facility in Boaz, Alabama to gain a better understanding of how he is working to continuously reduce and recycle waste that can result from manufacturing processes. Blake, who has been with the company for 3 years explains, “Being a zero-landfill manufacturing facility, means all materials, metals, chemicals, processed components, and water used are recycled and sent to a landfill. We continuously work to reduce waste and to re-purpose and recycle materials.”

Blake is focused on recycling, safety and concentrating on all aspects of environmental awareness. “We are constantly working to reduce the carbon footprint of the Boaz manufacturing plant. The team working in the Boaz facility is passionate about exploring innovative ideas to manage waste issues. These ideas include using a water evaporator system, implementing ways to re-use oil, and currently we are exploring options to reduce our use of natural gas”, said Blake.   

Their primary objectives are ensuring employees have the proper knowledge of materials, how they are used and how they need to be disposed of. Blake explains, “We strive to produce high quality products, while minimizing waste.”  

The team in Boaz has seen how incremental changes have enabled their zero-landfill goal.  Outside of work, Blake continues his dedication to environmental stewardship. One tip he shared all vehicle owners can embrace is to “routinely check for oil leaks.” After reversing out of a parking space, take a quick look at the pavement.  “If you see an oil spot on the pavement, it might be from your vehicle”, said Blake. Left unchecked, an oil leak often leads to more costly repairs and leaking oil is never good for the environment. 

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