Ball Joint Pinch Bolt Installation

Installing a ball joint with a pinch bolt calls for some extra attention. In this instructive video, Master Technician Dave Cerveny of Garage Gurus shows how to properly install the steering knuckle on the ball joint.

Dave's insider tips will help you line up the steering knuckle on the ball joint. Use this technique next time you're installing a ball joint with a pinch bolt on a customer's vehicle. Count on Garage Gurus to help you get your customer's vehicle repair done right.

On-demand videos, online tech tips and hands-on training courses from Garage Gurus will help you keep up with the latest technologies and techniques in ball joint and suspension system repair. Experience leading-edge automotive training from the Master Technicians of Garage Gurus onsite, online or in one of our automotive training centers.

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Take your career to the next level with these training courses from the Master Technicians of Garage Gurus:

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