Tim Lamb, Creative Media Manager doesn’t believe in playing it safe. 


Federal-Mogul Motorparts set out to shake up the norms for creative media common for automotive suppliers. Several of the company’s brands received refreshes and launched campaigns, grabbing both industry and consumers’ attention. Bent on being different for a purpose, Federal-Mogul Motorparts’ creative media team played a key role in the development of the company’s Garage GurusTM app.  Read on to learn how the team brought technician training alive through this award-winning app.

To say the creative media team is brimming with ideas is an understatement. A peek inside the studio reveals an impressive Lego Batman toy display and walls “decorated” with graffiti.  One glance into the studio and you know that nothing ordinary is coming out of it. Plaques that read, “creativity is an act of defiance,” sit on each team member’s desk. Over the past few years, they’ve stood true to that motto as they produced defiantly brilliant work. Tim Lamb, Creative Media Manager, believes in the company’s culture (innovation is the responsibility of every employee). “Federal-Mogul Motorparts is a leader in the industry in many ways. Our creative media team has embraced the culture of innovation; we want other companies to follow our lead and leave them asking, ‘how did they do that and why didn’t we think of that?’.” And, they are.


The team is putting a unique spin on Federal-Mogul Motorparts initiatives like The Garage Gurus Mobile App, which originally launched in 2012 under the name Smartchoice Mobile. The app earned the “Best Mobile App” honors from the Automotive Communications Award program presented during the AAPEX Show (the largest annual tradeshow for automotive aftermarket industry professionals) in Las Vegas, three years in a row. The name, officially updated to Garage Gurus Mobile in April 2015.  The easy to use app puts the training information technicians need at their finger-tips, on-demand 24 hours a day.  


Brent Berman, Director of Training and Consumer Experience, doesn’t hold back on with his praise of the team. “Not only were they the creative force in designing the app, they continue to lend expertise in other areas including web design and video production.”

The team is as committed to innovation as the company’s engineers, designers, and marketers. One project after another, Tim and his team are doing their part to push Federal-Mogul Motorparts forward in its quest to set aside years of creative conventions for the automotive aftermarket industry and help the company reimagine how it communicates to customers.