From accounting to managing a state-of-the art automotive training facility, Tereva Corley’s career took an unexpected turn and she isn’t looking back.   

Tereva Corley never envisioned working in the automotive industry. That is, until she heard about Garage GurusTM and became a training and operations manager at Federal-Mogul Motorparts.

After Tereva started at Federal-Mogul Motorparts, first as a sales team leader and now in her current role, her perspective changed quickly.  “Once I saw what Garage Gurus was doing for today’s technicians and the industry overall, I felt a total sense of pride in where my career had led me. It’s cool to be a part of it.”

She’s proud of her work. "I know I'm playing for the best team. A little part of me also enjoys demonstrating that women can be successful in this field, too."

Garage Gurus is Federal-Mogul Motorparts’ answer to the ever-increasing national shortage of trained automotive technicians. Quite simply, too few people are entering the profession at a time when there are more vehicles on the road and vehicles are becoming more complex to service and repair.  Seeking a greater understanding of the problem affecting the entire automotive industry, Federal-Mogul Motorparts sought answers from its customers and technicians themselves. The most frequently cited reasons technicians were unable to obtain advanced training: lack of time and access.

The company took action and the Garage Gurus training program launched.  By offering training onsite, online and on-demand, Federal-Mogul Motorparts addresses the two main barriers, access and time, limiting techs from obtaining the training they desire.  “We are making an impact on technicians’ ability to get the training they need. What we do affects our end-user customers, and the technicians who maintain and repair vehicles.”

Three years later, Garage Gurus are training technicians around the U.S. To train the best, Garage Gurus seeks the best.  There are many opportunities in the Garage Gurus program for skilled technicians and others ready for a career change.

“We offer a tech-line, which provides Gurus On-Call.  We hold classes at our Gurus facilities, and everyone benefits, including the Gurus because they get to continue learning, too,” said Tereva, whose enthusiasm is palpable.

To fully support the training program, Federal-Mogul Motorparts has several opportunities for Gurus.   Gurus work in the technical call center, others are on the road bringing their knowledge straight to auto technicians, while others teach classes at the Garage Gurus centers. The centers provide classes taught by the ASE Certified (includes A Series tests A1-A8) instructors with extensive hands-on experience (a minimum of five years’ experience as a journeyman technician or equivalent).  Although a broad knowledge base is useful, those with specialties are encouraged to consider a career as a Garage Guru. Many of the Gurus appreciate the opportunity to teach and have the chance to turn the occasional wrench, all within a state-of-the-art shop.  The centers themselves include bright, pristine bays for hands-on training, and walls brightly painted with stylized graffiti.  The training centers are stimulating places for the students and Gurus alike.  "The Garage Gurus love the shop! They’re here after hours, all the time. They take pride in their work -- they own it," said Corley.

Tereva found her career path with the company managing a training center, even though she doesn’t have a background in automotive mechanics.

“I started my automotive career at an auto parts company in accounting. It was not supposed to be a landing spot,” Corley said. At that point, the automotive industry just didn't incite passion or give her purpose. She imagined her future elsewhere -- maybe Silicon Valley. However, the mission of the Garage Gurus program captured her attention.

Federal-Mogul Motorparts’ dedication to the superlative inspires pride in her job and a sense of place, says Tereva. And she's not the only person working on the Garage Gurus training program who loves her job.

Corley sees a bright future for Garage Gurus. “If we keep attracting these talented people to be part of the program as Gurus, the sky’s the limit for the program.”

Interested to learn more about the Garage Gurus program, click here.


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