Meet Renny Joy, IT Development Manager & Architect.  He passionately advocated for the company to adopt the agile approach to IT projects, and we did.  Read how the agile model is working for Federal-Mogul Motorparts.  

Since joining the company in 2011, Renny Joy, IT Development Manager & Architect at Federal-Mogul Motorparts, has been promoted twice, in part due to his role in choreographing a change from the “Waterfall Model” for IT projects to the “Agile Model.” Steady promotions aren’t earned by being ordinary, and Joy is anything but.

Belying the analytical persona so many associate with IT personnel, Renny’s outgoing personality has allowed him to effectively work with varied staff and departments. Using the Agile method, he says, “has enabled our entire department to speed up product development, delivering systems that support the company’s business strategies.”

Renny himself is as agile as his IT approach. He is a dancer, equally at ease with hip-hop, modern, Latin and ballroom. As a child in India, Renny didn’t see himself in the role of a software engineer building bridges between departments. “Personally, I’m a very creative person, even though I’m a software engineer. I didn’t dream of programming, I wanted to be on stage.”

At Federal-Mogul Motorparts, Renny says he has found the best of all worlds: choreographing success and a stage (the web) on which to showcase it. “I’m surrounded by creative people with great minds, which allows me to do this. I always have support from others and learn from those around me. I couldn’t ask for more.”

An agile approach allows the entire team to be light on its feet: if something isn’t working, it can be fixed quickly. Goals are set in short springs, and feedback is fast.

He explains the agile model with enthusiasm, “The waterfall model is rigid. Ten years ago, we coded like that. Requirements needed to be defined clearly to the design phase, and it would cost a lot of money to redo anything that was not right. You might have to throw a project away and redo it from scratch, but only after the whole thing was developed. In Agile, we make short sprints. It allows us to do proof of concept first.”

Renny’s approach embraces the journey: “First, we always welcome change. Change is vital. In Agile, the functional business teams are always with us, day in and day out. Achieving this takes tools and teamwork. “Every two weeks people are seeing something. They see the concept as it develops.” 

Overall, the Agile model has empowered the company to do more, do it better and more cost effectively. Most importantly Agile is helping Federal-Mogul Motorparts get ahead of customers’ needs and trends.